• 10 Healthy Popsicle Ideas

    A list of ideas for healthy Popsicles is a must have this summer!
  • Simple Banana Pancakes

    Easy banana pancakes ideal as breakfast, snack, or addition to packed lunch.
  • Healthy Chocolate Hummus

    This chocolate hummus not only tastes great but is also very versatile. Whenever you feel like a chocolate treat, you could just turn to this, safe in the knowledge that you and the family are eating something healthy and getting your protein. Its a win-win.
  • Easy Banana Bread

    I like recipe for its easy method and the fact that it always comes out tasting great. My daughter loves to help me out with this because it can be prepared in 1 bowl without a mixer.  It makes a great after school snack and addition to your child's packed lunches
  • Easy Watermelon Smoothie

    Tasty and refreshing. Can even be turned into ice lollies!
  • Chocolate-Orange energy balls

    Chocolaty snack which gives a good energy boost thanks to the nuts and natural sugars. Perfect as an afternoon snack
  • Avocado Cucumber Smoothie

    This was my first recipe when I launched the blog in Oct 2017. I named it my Birthday Smoothie. One of best smoothies that doesn't contain banana. Also featured in my YouTube video "How to prepare a Healthy Smoothie"