12 Bake & Freeze Lunchbox Ideas

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I'm always telling myself that one day I will organize and plan my lunchboxes ahead the way I started to meal plan our family dinners. But until this materializes, I realized that one way to be organized is to have some frozen lunchbox fillers that I can easily turn to when I'm setting up the lunchbox in the evening. I'm excited to share with you this list I've compiled of easy recipes that can be prepared and frozen.

For best results, when freezing baked goods, allow the food to cool completely before freezing in individual portions. what I normally do is put them in the fridge on the baking tray after they cool down, and then transfer them to small freezer bags or containers. Try to remove all the air from the bag before sealing to prevent freezer burn. 

Here's a list of lunchbox items that can be baked ahead and frozen. I pack lunches in the evening, so what I generally do is bring the item out of the freezer and into the lunchbox in the evening, where it will remain in the fridge until the following morning. In this way it will have time to defrost until lunch break. 

I included a mix of sweet and savoury items so you can easily include 2 different ones in the same lunchbox. Click on the titles for links to recipes:

1. Easy Meatballs

These can be made with beef or chicken. You could even add some grated veg to the mixture. Just make sure to squeeze out all the liquid before mixing with the rest of ingredients. I like to make them bite size to fit in a lunchbox with small compartments and to be attractive to kids.


2. Lunchbox Sausage Rolls

These home made sausage rolls are a great addition to a lunchbox and can be added frozen and allowed to thaw. The kids will feel like they are eating party food but since they are veggie-loaded they will still be getting some nutrients.

3. Sweet potato, Broccoli and Carrot Tortilla Quiche

An easy way to make mini quiche using tortillas. Plus a great way to include some protein and veggies into the day.

4. Vegan Sweet Potato Sausage Rolls

Another type of sausage roll this time meat-free and super nutritious thanks to the sweet potato and chickpeas. Can be eaten cold or warmed up and sent in an insulated food jar

5. Mini Pancake Pizza

These mini pizzas are made using a sort of pancake batter instead of a dough. They taste yummy even cold, can be customized to your kids preferences, and are a perfect addition to packed lunches

6. Mini Baked Macaroni

Think mac'n'cheese or baked macaroni with Bolognese sauce, but cut them in small portions or else bake in a muffin tray. You will be giving something that your child surely loves, but in a bite-size version which makes it more attractive in the lunchbox. This recipe is an example of how you can prepare it, although I like to add an egg or two in the mixture to make sure it doesn't fall apart

7. Nut-free Oat Bars

Breakfast on the go, healthy snack or an addition to the lunchbox. These oat bars are super delicious and very easy to prepare. Trust me when I tell you: cook a double batch because you'll be eating some yourself!

8. Sweet Spinach Muffins

Perfect for those picky eaters. I was impressed that for something with so much spinach and no added sugar, these muffins tasted great and my daughter was was totally gobbling them up and asking for more.

9. ABC muffins

These muffins are well known and generally used during weaning. But nothing wrong in including a well-loved recipe in the lunchbox. A perfect all-rounder with apple, banana and carrot. 

10. Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

These muffins are soft and fluffy and you could even put in less honey/syrup than recommended. Perfect for chilly autumn mornings and afternoon snacks, plus of course a great way to include some veg in the lunchbox. 


11. Date and Banana Muffins

With no added sugar, these mini muffins are a perfect lunchbox filler. Packed with fruit and also nutritious, they taste like a treat!

12. Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

These muffins are the perfect way to add some hidden veg inside a treat. They taste delicious and can be frozen to use in packed lunches


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