Making Kids Lunches Fun

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Kids can be very moody when it comes to eating. Even though they may not be picky or fussy, they might like a food on one day and then refuse it the next day. As parents, we can't afford to prepare lunches where half the items go uneaten or get thrown away. Making the lunch attractive, whether packed in a lunchbox or plated, can sometimes help a child who's on the fence to go ahead and eat the food.

When it comes to accessories to make lunches fun, I must say we are spoiled for choice! You don't have to be a food artist or spend an hour plating a snack and making it fancy. Just using some accessories and adding some cute forks or sticks can really brighten up the dish. And here are a few ideas.

Sandwich cutters

Sandwich cutters can transform boring flat sliced bread into something interesting. You can also create a theme based on the shape. You can also use cookie cutters for making shapes in bread, cheese and vegetables

 Cutlery and forks

These provide a functional role besides adding colour and fun to a lunch. Yoghurts and dips might require a spoon while small pieces of food and fruit are easier when picked up with a fork. Some children might also not want to eat certain foods with their hands but would gladly use a fork so as not to get messy

 Food Picks

Food picks and sticks are more decorative, but they add some character and fun to lunches without having to cut food in shapes. They can also be functional by keeping food together in rolls or kebab shapes. They help to vary the way in which the food is presented

 Other Accessories

These wrap bands below not only keep wraps from falling apart in the lunchbox but add a splash of colour to a boring rolled tortilla. Using silicone cups to create dividers within a lunchbox also adds interest. 

Other ways to inject some sunshine into lunchtime, is by varying the lunchbox or adding a yoghurt/smoothie in a pouch

Always remember, that besides using these accessories, the best way to keep lunches interesting is to create variation. Vary sandwich fillings, use different kinds of fruit and veg, serve food in different ways eg sliced, chopped, whole. Providing variety is especially important to prevent children from becoming picky.

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