Why use Stainless Steel for packing lunches?

There are many reasons why many people are opting for stainless steel lunchboxes and bottles. I've listed a few of the points which make them not only ideal from the packed lunch aspect, but also from the eco-friendly aspect:

Durable and long lasting - and so less wasteful Do not degrade or leach after years of use and dishwashing. The longer containers last, the happier you are, and the fewer resources are used to reach the goal of working toward a zero-waste lifestyle.








Non-toxic and non-leaching As news about toxins in some plastic food storage becomes more mainstream, people are seeking safer food-storage solutions by turing to safer alternatives like stainless steel, which does not react with the food and is non toxic
More hygienic Unlike other materials, stainless steel does not degrade over time from use, hot water and cleaning products, the surfaces do not scratch and therefore remain easy to clean.


Smooth, non-porous stainless steel is the ideal surface for food, with fewer opportunities for bacteria to accumulate and less risk of contamination. 

Less expensive over time Saving money is an important benefit of using long-lasting stainless steel. There is an upfront cost, but it pays to invest in quality products that stand the test of time to save money otherwise spent replacing lower-quality items.
Completely recyclable Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. 


At Vanilla Mummy we continually strive to include products which are environmentally friendly. So you will find a range of stainless steel lunchboxes and bottles


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