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As babies approach 6 months, they usually begin to show interest in starting solids.  You may opt to start with puree or mashed food, or you may take the baby-led weaning approach using whole pieces of food. When baby starts food, you can also start offering some boiled and cooled water to keep hydrated. Throughout this amazing feeding journey, b.box is here to support you with the perfect tools to make the process easier. Click on the pictures for the links or view the full Baby section here.

1. Bowl and Spoon

This can be baby's first feeding set, especially if they will be starting with purees. The set includes a silicone bowl with “stay suction”  technology that sticks the base to any smooth surface - like highchair trays or smooth tables - so baby can’t lift it, knock it, drop it or throw it anymore! No more ducking from that flying bowl of pasta! The set also includes a food grade silicone spoon, that’s gentle on baby’s gums. The length of the spoon is ideal for when baby is being fed by someone

2. Cutlery Set

The b.box cutlery is  recommended from 9 months, and has been designed with a leading paediatric occupational therapist (OT) as the ideal toolkit for tots who are ready to self feed. The unique spoon shape acts as shovel helping little ones to scoop up their food, even with a flat plate. 

The unique deep scoop spoon shape and angled handles encourages correct hand to mouth positioning, and helps to contain food within the spoon as bubs practices bringing it to his/her mouth, which means more food makes it to the mouth and less mess!

Our unique flork has been designed to fit the size and shapes of little mouths. Its curved blunt prongs are gentler (and safer) on little mouths and gums. Set comes complete with a handy travel case to keep utensils clean before mealtime on the go, and after to prevent soiling in nappy bags or hand bag. Also perfect for sending to childcare.

3. Sippy cup - Spout or Straw

The spout cup is the perfect starting base for moving on from the baby bottle. The cup features an ergonomically angled silicone spout that’s ultra gentle on baby’s gum and comfortable to drink from. Easy-grip handles fits baby’s hand perfectly for easy drinking. The cup also features an in-built spout cover which not only keeps the mouthpiece clean, it means you’ll never lose the lid (think no more lost lids in the supermarket, or random loose lids in the drawer!) Interchangeable base and lid means you can switch between the spout, sippy cup and training lids as baby grows.


The award-winning b.box sippy cup features the innovative b.box weighted straw that moves with the liquid – whatever angle the cup is tilted. Our redesigned straw has a unique two-way valve, ensuring easy drinking and NO leaks, even with warm water.

The sippy cup ensures that tots can drink to the very last drop. They can also drink lying down, making it the ideal transition cup from bottle/breast feeding to milk in a cup. The perfect cup at home or on the go. Encourages independence with easy-grip handles and simple flip-top lid. 

4. Insulated Food Jar

Once you start weaning, you'll be needing to carry food on the go, and the food jar is the perfect way to keep the next meal warm until it's eaten. There are 2 sizes of b.box food jars.

The insulated food jar mini (210ml) is made from high grade and durable double walled stainless steel, helping to keep foods at the perfect temperature during the day. The easy fill, leak proof design helps keep food warm for up to 4 hours or cool for up to 6 hours. The unique stop feature stops parents from over-tightening the lid and encourages independence. Also ideal for snacks like yoghurt for older kids.

The insulated food jar with a 355ml capacity, on the other hand is great for larger portions, keeping food at the perfect temperature, whether kids prefer warm pasta for lunch or cold refreshing fruit and yoghurt.  Also great for childcare, kinder and school.  Comes with spork utensil that tucks away into custom bumper. 

Easy grip handles give kids leverage to open the jar easily, encouraging independence. Removable arms and bumper ensure the food jar can be tailored for older kids too. Unique stop feature stops parents from overtightening the lid. When using to keep food warm - for best performance fill the stainless steel base with hot water for a few minutes to warm it before pouring water out - and filling with delicious hot food.

5. Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

The fresh food feeder, now with a food grade silicone that’s easy to clean, and gentle on baby’s gums. Tots as young as 4 months can enjoy melon, soft fruits, cool steamed veggies and more. It can assist with the transition to self-feeding, teething and beyond. It works by popping chunks of fresh food into the pouch, then locking it away by attaching it to an easy-grip handle. Littlies are then able to easily grasp and navigate the feeder to their mouth to suck and slurp and explore new tastes. 

Our unique design lets bubs hold it with one or two hands, or parents can give a lending hand too. Plus the unique tripod design stands up when you put it down, keeping the feeder clean and hygienic.


6. Travel bib

The award-winning travel bib by b.box is the only bib on the market that zips closed, has been redesigned to offer busy parents an even better experience: it’s now completely machine washable!

The new travel bib still gives parents the things they love: being able to feed on the go without having to carry around zip lock bags for messy bibs. When finished eating, pop the included spoon inside the food catcher and zip closed, no mess in nappy bags from soiled bibs to think about and when parents get home they can simply toss the bib in the washer, making mealtime mess even easier to clean up. 

Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who will soon start the weaning journey with their child? Why not gift a b.box Feeding Set? This contains a divided plate, straw sippy cup and cutlery set and is available in 3 colours:

 Another very useful gift is the innovative b.box bowl and strawb.box solved the dilemma of how to drink your cereal milk or soup – in a mess free and fun way. We’ve included a removable silicone straw with our unique shaped bowl, so kids can slurp to their heart’s content. Bowl is great size for kids as young as 6m. Straw ensures no leftovers.

Snack insert transforms bowl to on the go snack holder and lid seals the deal – no mess on the go, and easy storage at home. Tear drop shape bowl doubles as a large mug. Easy grip handles and non-slip base for greater control and stability for self-feeders.

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