60 Sandwich Fillings for Kids

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Does your child always want a sandwich for packed lunch? You might be running out of ideas on how to vary the sandwich or your child may be happy with the same filling daily but you feel they might get fed up of it eventually. Whatever the reason, here you will find a list of ideas that you can save and refer to later on. But first of all, some ideas and pointers when preparing a sandwich for packed lunch…

Tips on packing a sandwich for kids

  1. The sandwich can be prepared the day before and some can even be frozen. However, fresh salad, tomatoes and condiments should be left for the last minute before putting into the lunchbox otherwise the sandwich will go soggy.
  2. Put wet or moist ingredients on the inside of the sandwich to avoid sogginess. E.g. spreading butter will create a layer on the bread to help prevent this, and if there is lettuce or cucumber put in the middle not in direct contact with the bread
  3. If your child is not adventurous and will hardly try any of the ideas below, offer the sandwich in different ways, just to get them used to eating something different. For eg, cut the sandwich in 4 or triangle, use a sandwich cutter, put small pieces on a stick, etc.
  4. Some breads are more suitable than others for certain fillings. For example, if you’re serving a soft filling like egg-mayo, its best to use a soft bread or bun because if you put it inside a hard baguette, the fillings might spill when bitten.
  5. If your child will eat it, try and include salad or vegetables inside the sandwich that they might otherwise not eat alone eg some lettuce, some grated carrot, cucumber etc
  6. Preferably try new fillings at home, to avoid waste and for the lunch not to look intimidating.
  7. Although you can refer to this list, it is also a good idea to put out the ingredients you have at hand and ask your child to choose a combination for their next sandwich.
  8. Use wholemeal breads as much as possible to increase fibre and keep them full for longer.
  9. Always pack lunch in an insulated bag to keep the sandwich and its ingredients fresh. If you are using an ice pack, do not let it come in direct contact with the sandwich because condensation will make it soggy
  10. Make sure the packed lunch also includes other items besides the sandwich, most importantly fresh fruit and water.


Kid-approved sandwich fillers

Contains nuts

(only when the lunch will be consumed in place where no nut allergies are present)

  1. Peanut butter
  2. Peanut butter + jam (or natural fruit preserve)
  3. Peanut butter + banana (sliced or mashed) or strawberries
  4. Hazelnut chocolate spread
  5. Almond butter + grated carrot +/- grated zucchini

Sweet filling

  1. Jam or fruit puree / mashed fruit
  2. Honey +/- PB
  3. Banana + honey
  4. Butter + sprinkles
  5. Sliced apple / apple sauce + cinnamon sprinkle
  6. Ricotta + strawberries
  7. Nutella + banana
  8. Lemon curd

Cheesy filling

  1. Cream cheese
  2. Sliced cheddar / edam
  3. Marmite + cheese +/- lettuce
  4. Cream cheese + pesto
  5. Cream cheese/cottage cheese + grated carrot + raisins/ dried cranberries
  6. Cream cheese + cucumber +/- dill
  7. Cream cheese + roasted or raw bell peppers

Salad /  vegetable filling

  1. Egg + mayo/cream cheese
  2. Tomato paste
  3. Tomato + olives + capers +/- tuna “hobz biz-zejt”
  4. BLT: bacon, lettuce, tomato + cream cheese
  5. Hummus + carrot / roasted vegetables
  6. Omelette (desired fillings) + greens
  7. Avocado + cream cheese
  8. Beetroot hummus + greens +/- egg
  9. Veggie burger + greens + mayo/Greek yoghurt
  10. Butternut squash + cream cheese
  11. Chickpeas + avocado mashed together
  12. Grilled cheese + sweet potato
  13. Avocado + egg
  14. Cheese + gherkin + mayo
  15. Tomato + cucumber
  16. Feta + cucumber + egg
  17. Curried egg + lettuce
  18. Quorn pieces + sauce + salad

Meat / Fish filling

  1. Tuna + mayo/ cream cheese (+/- cucumber)
  2. Tuna + avocado
  3. Salmon + cream cheese
  4. Salmon + mayo + spinach
  5. Shredded chicken + mayo / cream cheese
  6. Ham + cheese +/- radish / pineapple
  7. Sausages + pesto
  8. Breaded fish + tartare sauce
  9. Chicken + mango chutney
  10. Chicken + bacon + greens
  11. Cream cheese + gammon + apple slices
  12. Roast leftovers with cream cheese or apple sauce
  13. Ham + egg + cheese
  14. Shredded chicken + pesto
  15. Pulled pork + apple / BBQ sauce
  16. Breaded chicken + Cheese and lettuce
  17. Meat loaf + sauce
  18. Salami + cheese +/- tomato/pesto
  19. Ham + cream cheese + baby spinach
  20. Turkey + cranberry sauce / cream cheese
  21. Chicken + bacon + avocado + corn
  22. Grilled chicken + coleslaw





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