4 Ways to use Jelly in Packed Lunches

Up until this month I had never given jelly inside a lunchbox because my mind always assumed that since we store jelly in the fridge, that it would just melt outside the fridge. However in a conversation with a friend, she pointed out that ready bought jelly cups always remained fine. So I decided to test it with home made jelly at home, and sure enough, after a morning on the kitchen top the jelly was still solid. Jelly made at home also turns out cheaper and is more respectful to the environment than the store bought cups. So if you like the idea, these are the best ways to serve it inside a lunchbox:

1. Directly in the lunchbox

If you have a lunchbox with a leakproof section, you can pour the jelly directly into the lunchbox when its still a liquid and let it set in the fridge, lunchbox and all. If your child doesn't mind it lumpy, you can even scoop out some ready set jelly and put it in one of these compartments. Both the b.box and yumbox have leakproof sections so they are ideal. 

2. In a silicone cup

If you don't want the jelly to take up the whole compartment, you can put it in a silicone cup: square, rectangle, round, doesn't matter. This also adds some fun and colour to the lunchbox.


3. In a separate container

If the jelly isn't in the leak-proof section, a container with lid such as this stainless steel one will come in handy. Easy to use and a good portion of 100ml


4. In an ice-pop bag 

Although these Nom-nom reusable bags were made for ice pops, we've tried them with jelly too and they are so much fun. Your child can suck out the jelly to their heart's content without having to use a spoon. Alternatively you can also use a Nom-Nom-kids food pouch (fill it half way). Watch how we make them here .


If preparing in summer, you might want to put the jelly/ lunchbox in an insulated bag +ice pack. If you do try any of these ideas and post on social media, do tag us in your posts and stories 😊!! @vanillamummy #jelloday

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