Valentine's Day Lunchbox Ideas

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For those of you who like me, enjoy making a packed lunch look fun, Valentine's day is really just another excuse to get creative with anything love-related. Here are some ideas to do this in an easy way (because busy mums have no time for food art!)

Make food into Heart shapes

You can turn most foods into hearts by using a food cutter or some basic kitchen accessories. Sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, quesadillas and cupcakes can all be cut into hearts. You can even use a small food cutter to make hearts out of cucumber, cheese, carrots etc. This will immediately set the "love" theme. You can try this Heart shaped food cutter here or the heart shapes that come with this sandwich cutter.


Red and Pink foods

By including a lot of red and pink foods the lunchbox will immediately look more love themed. Here are some ideas: strawberries, strawberry yoghurt, cherry tomatoes, red or pink treat, red sprinkles on yoghurt, strawberry jelly, pasta with red sauce, red peppers, red apples etc.



Red Accessories

If you dont have many red foods, try including some accessories that will set the theme such as a red napkin,  love-themed lunchbox note or a heart shaped cupcake liner. if you have a heart shaped container you can even put it inside the lunchbox and fill it with eg popcorn, pasta, rice etc


Romantic foods

There are also some foods which remind us of Love or Valentines day and including these in the lunchbox will definitely set the tone. Think strawberries dipped in chocolate, roses made out of salami, heart shaped cherry tomatoes and grapes, chocolate hummus etc 



I am not one to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I still believe love is the most important thing in the world and in life, so this is one way we can celebrate it ❤

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