10 Kid-friendly Pasta Recipes

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Pasta is always my go-to meal when I have nothing planned. It's versatile and can be varied in so many different ways! And usually pasta meals are quite simple or quick to prepare. Plus we are real pasta lovers here 😋 so its always a success meal. Here are a few recipes for pasta lunches or dinners, but don't forget the leftovers can be used the next day for school lunch. The cold pasta salads can be put directly in the lunchbox, while the ones that are best served warm can be packed in an insulated food jar. Click on the titles for links to the recipes


These can be put directly in the lunchbox after being prepared, so they are stored in the fridge ready for school the next day.

1. Child Friendly Pasta Salad

This is a pasta salad I like to include in packed lunches because it helps me incorporate the 5 food groups in a meal. 

2. Soba noodles, broccoli and edamame salad

Never tried this but it looks really beautiful and best of all easy to prepare. I love it when the recipe involves boiling the veg in the same water of the pasta to save time 

3. Creamy Avocado and Spinach pasta

This is a no-cook sauce that turns out so creamy but it is good both warm and cold. Also super nutritious with avocado, spinach and cherry tomatoes. 

4. Tuna Pasta Salad

An easy peasy pasta salad for the kids who like tuna mayo

5. Salami kids pasta salad

Like all the others, this pasta is easy to throw together and looks really colourful. Perfect for packed lunches since it can be prepared in advance


These make great lunches or dinners but leftovers can also be packed in an insulated food jar for school. For best results to keep the food warm until break, follow my tips I wrote here

6. Pumpkin Mac n Cheese

Your regular mac'n'cheese with added pumpkin puree. I made this on a whim while experimenting and it turned out great! Perfect for when you have some leftover pumpkin

7. Slow cooker Sun-dried tomato chicken pasta

Another one from My Fussy Eater (meaning its usually picky eater approved!) that is easy to make in the slow cooker. Has a creamy red sauce with all the protein of the chicken

8. Quick Butternut squash Pasta

This one looks yummy but simple, with all the goodness of the veggies and tasty sausage. I love it how Amy Palanjian adapts all her recipes to be suitable for toddlers. 

9. Pasta with lentil ragu

A vegan lentil ragu which can also be served to toddlers or older babies if baby led weaning. Perfect plant-based replacement for a bolognese sauce. 

10. Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo sauce

Creamy yet vegan and therefore dairy free. This is perfect for those kids who are a fan of white sauces and besciamella. 



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