What if I'm not on "Team Lunchbox"?

As you might have noticed, Vanilla Mummy focuses a lot on the use of lunchboxes when packing lunches. But you might be asking yourself:

What if I dislike the thought of using a lunch box to take food on the go?

I get it, not everyone is a fan of the lunchbox. Or you might find some instances where it doesn’t make sense to carry a lunchbox. For example:

  • You just started weaning and your baby is eating mainly puree foods.
  • You are packing a lunch for something other than school or work and would like to take just a sandwich, or a small snack or a fruit.
  • You need the container to fit in a small bag and don’t feel a lunchbox is suitable.
  • You want to pack a smoothie or yoghurt but think it might get a little messy in the lunchbox.

I totally understand that you or your child might not want to carry a lunchbox everywhere, for example my daughter likes to take a snack with her to drama evening lessons. I have the solution for this. There is also the question of yoghurt and smoothies. Although some lunchboxes are leakproof and allow you to store these, there are more interesting and mess-free options. Alternatives to lunchboxes are the reusable bags and food pouches or beeswax wraps.


Nom Nom kids and Nom Nom reusables

These pouches can be filled with your own home-made baby purees, smoothies, yogurts, or baby food and used over and over again.  Feed your kids exactly what you want them to eat in a convenient, mess free and fun way. The pouches are easily filled and easy to clean using the unique double zip lock side opening. Perfect for weaning babies as well as packed lunches for nursery, kindergarten and schools. The pouches come in packs of 4 and are currently available in 3 sizes:

The snack bags are ideal for small snacks and food portions such as a muffin, some crackers or trail mix, cereal bars etc. Reusable pouches & snack bags are a cost effective and eco-friendly way to feed your little ones healthy snacks. 

There snack bags come in various sizes:


 All Non Nom Kids items are also free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate and they are freezer and dishwasher safe.


Beeswax wraps

Beeswax wrap is not just one of my favourite products in the kitchen, but also ideal to carry small portions of snacks or single fruits. They give you the opportunity to reduce your consumption of single use plastics. Beeswax wraps have no additives and chemicals so no danger like when wrapping in foil or plastic wrap (cling film). Just use the heat of your hand to mould the wrap around foods such as an apple, block of cheese or a sandwich. You can also shape the wrap into a little bag to carry small snacks like crackers or trail mix. The beeswax has natural antibacterial properties which make it very safe to come in contact with food. We currently have some gorgeous kids designs to choose from 




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