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One thing I've noticed in over 2 months of COVID lockdown, is that my daughter is always opening the goody cupboard or the fridge, looking for something to eat. I don't know if its boredom or hunger, but its better to have a meal plan in place to avoid extra snacking on unhealthy stuff.

Below I've compiled a selection of lunches or dinners for some inspiration. Most of these plates were adapted from the family meals so they are suitable for toddlers but also for children of all ages and adults. Just adapt the plate accordingly and of course add your own touch. For the sake of the photo, some foods were left whole but please make sure that if you are serving to young toddlers do cut everything in small pieces especially grapes and meat. You will find some items repeated of course, and some store bought items like oven ships, because after all this is real life, but I'm sure that the ideas will at least help the cooking cogwheels moving again in your brain ;)


  • Day 1: Chickpea patties, boiled potato, grapes
  • Day 2: Chicken korma (made with shredded roast chicken), Basmati rice, yellow pepper, pineapple cubes
  • Day 3: Chicken wraps, colored peppers, shredded cheese, mangetout
  • Day 4: Pasta with home made tomato sauce (try this recipe for a veggie-loaded version)
  • Day 5: Home made pork sausages (pork mince, onion and herbs), salad, oven chips
  • Day 6: Cannelloni Bolognese or Lasagna, Cheese, Grapes
  • Day 7: Spaghetti with tomato sauce, homemade meatballs, shredded cheese
  • Day 8: Breaded fish, sweet potato mash, coloured peppers
  • Day 9: Slow cooker bacon brown sugar chicken, spinach cooked with cheese, oven chips
  • Day 10: Chickpea curry, basmati rice, baby carrots
  • Day 11: Spaghetti omelette, cherry tomatoes, steamed zucchini
  • Day 12: Homemade chicken nuggets, cucumber, grapes and blueberries


  • Day 13: Qarabali mimli (Marrows stuffed with a mixture of bolognese sauce and the marrow itself), Peas, Baby carrots
  • Day 14: Rice with peas, hard boiled egg, apple sauce
  • Day 15: Salmon, cauliflower quiche, fried marrows
  • Day 16: Deconstructed chicken tacos: chicken breast, tortilla, veg with taco seasoning, cheese, avocado
  • Day 17: Roast chicken, mashed potato, cabbage fried with bacon
  • Day 18: Roast chicken, couscous with onion and peppers, mangetout


  • Day 19: Zesty Mini quiche, half loaded potato with cream cheese, strawberries
  • Day 20: Kusksu bil ful (Maltese soup with broad beans and small pasta), fresh goat cheese in the soup.
  • Day 21: Cheese omelette, rye bread with peanut butter, strawberries
  • Day 22: Imqarrun (baked macaroni with bolognese sauce)
  • Day 23: Plated packed lunch: cheese omelette, sandwich, cheese stick, organic carrot crisps
  • Day 24: Salmon burgers, noodles, carrot and cucumber salad


  • Day 25: Fish fingers, broccoli with cheesy white sauce, pasta with olive oil
  • Day 26: Sweet and sour chicken, Basmati rice, half hard boiled egg
  • Day 27: Pasta, white sauce with added Stilton cheese, broccoli roasted with garlic
  • Day 28: Pork chops, steamed marrows, mashed potato
  • Day 29: Salmon al cartoccio, roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus (sheet pan meal)
  • Day 30: Paprika chicken breast, sweet potato fries, cauliflower-broccoli cheese

The the divided pink plate shown in the pictures is available from our shop section. It is the recommended plate size for a toddler / preschooler. Available in pink or blue

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