Whizzer Add-on Glo Pack
Whizzer Add-on Glo Pack

Whizzer Add-on Glo Pack

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Do you already have a whizzer and can't fork out for the new Glow in the dark whizzer right now? Don't worry I've got you covered with this Add-on Glow Bundle that comes with the spout, lid and carry attachment so you can jazz up your current whizzer and ensure you can find it at night! Also perfect in case of lost parts

Just make sure the parts are charged in under household lights or direct sunlight so they're ready to go! Fits both the 250ml and the 500ml

Why would you need a Whizzer that Glows?

Keen Camper? Imagine not having to leave the tent for the loo at night and instead of waking everyone up with a torch you follow the glow of a whizzer and ensure you know exactly where you're peeing to avoid any unpleasant wet surprises in the morning.

TOILET-TRAINING OR FREQUENT NIGHT TIME LOO WAKE-UPS? Night-time toilet training or frequent adult toilet users will now be able to have the whizzer by their bedside without the worry of disturbing your senses with the bright lights of the bathroom as you stumble to the loo annoyed at the inconvenience.


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