Waterproof lunch box sticker - ABC Pink
Waterproof lunch box sticker - ABC Pink
Waterproof lunch box sticker - ABC Pink

Waterproof lunch box sticker - ABC Pink

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Individual design for your lunch box, drinking bottle and other accessories 

  • Waterproof, high-quality ABC stickers
  • Individual design of your personalized children's lunch box or drinking bottle 
  • Put your name together from different colored letters 
  • Learn the ABC in a playful way
  • Even dishwasher-safe on a smooth surface
  • Solvent-free, environmentally friendly and lightfast
  • Size:  A5 sheet
  • Made in Germany

Use your imagination to add fun and a personalized touch to your items with these cute waterproof stickers. Don't limit yourself to the child's lunchbox. These will also look great on children's bicycle helmets, bicycles, tiles, furniture and doors, laptops, smartphones, notebooks and folders, pushchairs, children's room furniture, doors and dinnerware.

The high-quality stickers have been developed for vehicle lettering and meet very high requirements. The stickers are even dishwasher-safe when glued to a smooth surface. However, we recommend hand washing as the extreme heat in the dishwasher will cause the colors to fade over time. The latex print on polymeric PVC film is solvent-free and environmentally friendly.

Peel off the sticker and  stick it on a clean, grease-free and smooth surface - so easy and quick. Attention: Please do not rinse the sticker immediately after applying it!

Jabalou stickers can also be removed again without leaving any damage to the paintwork. Warm up the sticker with the hairdryer and slowly loosen it. You can easily remove any glue residue with alcohol.

Small color deviations from the screen to the original print can be minimal.

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