Gyoza tool
Gyoza tool
Gyoza tool
Gyoza tool

Gyoza tool

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Gyoza dumplings are delectable treats that popular in Japan and China. Filled with a mixture of meat and vegetables which is then boiled, steamed or pan-fried, they are absolutely delicious. However, they are rather difficult to make at for the inexperienced home cook. 

Why we love it :

That's where Gyoza Tools comes to the rescue! This handy little kit consists of a dumpling crimping tool and a small spatula. Simply place a gyoza dumpling skin on the crimper, put a little filling in the middle with the spatula, and fold the crimper over. 

Gyoza dumpling skins can be purchased at Japanese or Asian/Chinese grocery stores. You can find lots of sites with  instructions for making gyoza dumplings. 

Product Details

Gyoza Tools is made of polypropelene. BPA-free.
Hand washing is recommended.
Wash with mild detergent before using the first time.
Do not use near an open flame.
Made in Japan.

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